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Jessica is our 2016 Olympic Hopeful and Sarah is our 2012 Olympian in Weightlifting. We're setting out to be "Pretty Strong" and we encourage you to do the same.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Mental weakness exodus by JESS

The Mental weakness exodus

"So we say with confidence,
   "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
      What can man do to me?"
Hebrews 13:6

Everyone who knows me knows my "potential" or "what I'm capable of"

As much of a compliment as that sounds coming from Olympians, and very respected coaches it sounds to me more of a slap in the face. Why?
Because its a reminder of my mental weaknesses, basically That i could be good if I Was mentally stronger.

Ive had a lot of help with friends, sports phycologists and many coaches. The help would get me through a workout, maybe two. Never once has it really gotten through and really marinated in my soul, Until recently.

I'm a christian. I do honestly believe that God gave me gifts to glorify Him. I believe that He wants me to be the best I can be. That should be enough to have the courage to succeed, shouldn't it? Not necessarily to a very insecure woman. I would twist the "gift" I was given. I thought my gift was given but only enough to fail over and over and the way I glorify Him was to keep getting back up and keep trying and still praise His name.

Recently, I've been coaching a lot of high level Crossfit Games athletes, AND just beginning athletes. Listening to them and trying to be the best coach I can be. Which in my opinion is defined as making sure that athlete feels safe, respected and that I am 100% in their corner. Ive found that Actual knowledge aside, mental fortitude goes much further than talent or program. The crossfit open, for those of you that do not participate or know what it is, is a very very stressful 5 week process of competition. Every workout is judged and a score is posted that is compared to every other athlete in your gym, state, region, country and world. During this 5 weeks every score, every week matters in ranking. Obviously a lot of nerves, stress and comparing goes into the process.

I've had multiple athletes come to me during these weeks with insecurities and general nerves. Being able to be there for them as a coach and see this side of the competition process has been very eye opening for me as an athlete.

Realizing that overthinking is crippling, and draining. Figuring out finally that I'm the only one stopping me. God doesn't want me to fail. I was just scared to succeed.

The LORD is my light and my salvation—
       whom shall I fear?
       The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
       of whom shall I be afraid?
  When evil men advance against me
       to devour my flesh,
       when my enemies and my foes attack me,
       they will stumble and fall.
 Though an army besiege me,
       my heart will not fear;
       though war break out against me,
       even then will I be confident."

Psalm 27:1-3

Now i get it!! Moving forward I WILL go into every lift I attempt with 100% because I fear nothing but God. I will fear no weight, no competitor and no opportunity (no matter how big). Only God controls my destiny so who else should I fear?


Saturday, December 20, 2014

End of the year update: Sarah

I've been having some "first-world" problems not having internet access at home so I am pretty excited to be able to finally sit down and blog!

I just wanted to sit down and kind of let you know how this year has been going and give you some hope for me for this upcoming year.


This year, I had quite a bit of charity events going on. They were all a lot of fun and uplifting and I recommend that you try them out for yourself if you ever get the chance.

*I started a Pen Pal program with first grade students from California. They got my picture, and letters from me, They practiced their reading, writing, and drawing skills. It was adorable!
*I've been helping coach youth weightlifters at our gym. Team Houston Weightlifting is a non-profit organization. Coaching kids is fun even when you get frustrated.
*I organized what I called "Hulkamania Night" at church. We brought old clothes into church and did a clothing exchange, dropped off whatever clothes were left at Goodwill, then all the shirts that were too full of holes or stains we ripped off of ourselves like Hulk Hogan. It was a blast
*When I am home, when we decorate my dad's grave stone, we help clean up and maintain those markers in need. So in honor of what would be my dad's 64th birthday, I took on the task (along with friends and whoever else wanted to help) of cleaning and maintaining 64 graves this month. Currently, I am at 59 and I am at the tail end. I think I have family from my dad's side of the family buried here in the Houston area so I want to finish up by finding out where they are and get to my 64. In the process, I managed to find out that I had a relative buried in the cemetery down the street from my apartment and his wife and son live in the same town as me. I will meet them next Sunday!

Super Secret Project

A couple of months ago I had the privilege or going to Martha's Vineyard to work on a project. We are only a few weeks out now from me being able to announce it and you all getting the chance to nerd out with me. All I can say is that it's going to be "big." 


I had one month of training where I was going 90+% in my Olympic lifts 1-3X a week. I then hurt my upper back a little but but, came back from that fairly strong hitting a front squat personal record at 200 kgs. A little while later, I back squatted 190 kgs for a personal record of 6 repetitions. Since then, I have been struggling with having a tight lower back. I have just now been massage and chiropractic care. It has slowly been getting better especially as some weight loss has been accompanying my treatment. We had a local meet organized where the entry fees went to help me off-set training and living expenses and I lifted as exhibition. I missed a 115 snatch but made 110 and made a 150 clean and jerk. Considering how training was going, how the back was feeling, and my work schedule, I had a pretty decent day. 

Come January 8th, I'll have about 7 months until my suspension is over. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I am getting really excited to have something real to train for yet, I am also nervous. 

Personal Life

*I love my job and got a raise recently which is pretty exciting. I still have a long ways to go into being really good at my job but, every day proves to be a fun, new, challenge.
*Still single but, I have my first date since being out here next Saturday
*Church activities are going well. I enjoy the volunteer work I do there. It's definitely testing and refining me in ways I never expected. Most of my friends are from church and they are wonderfully supportive and amazing. 
*My #bitsandbarbells amazing roommate is moving back to Minnesota and that makes me sad.  I get to move in with another friend and get to know her better so I am looking forward to that. I will also be closer to work and training. 
* Gas prices are dropping!
*I have been doing a lot of family history and genealogical work lately and it's surprisingly, a lot of fun.
*I will be a bride's maid for the first time. 

If I think of anything else, I'll try and update you through facebook/twitter

Happy Holidays!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Find your star by J

What inspires you? Is it watching someone better than you do something you have never done?

For me it's watching people that want to be good work there butts off. It doesnt matter to me what level of sport they are. I don't care if they are a 3 time Olympian, won the Crossfit Games and just finished medical school and is now volunteering in Africa with underprivileged children. They could be a regular person who drives their kids to school in the morning, takes care of the house and comes in the the gym for a class workout and puts their head down and gives it all they've got. I love watching people who dream of something they want to accomplish and will do anything and everything it takes to make it happen. NO EXCUSES.

I've had a few wow moments in the last month watching athletes i coach and i just really want to share it with the Prettystrong world.

First i train this beautiful woman, lets call her Lenna. She is a nationally ranked sand volleyball player, Crossfit regional (hopeful) competitor AND masters Olympic Weightlifter. I should also mention she is a very successful very busy full time business woman. I watch her day after day sick, tired, sometimes burnt out walk in the gym and say "lets go coach." At our gym we have a lot of  "specialists" that coach there-She works with each one of us. She will do an hour and a half with our Gymnastics coach, hour lifting with me and finish her day with a metcon and sometimes volleyball practice too. She's a go get-er. She never waits for anyone to make anything happen for her she goes out and takes what she wants. Never once have i heard her say she "can't." Many days i tell HER she needs a day off after us arguing for a few minutes she usually convinces me she's fine and ready to train anyways.

Recently i was coaching her through a workout and we were discussing other athletes in all the sports and how they train and what they do differently. She told me "maybe they're not getting better today but I AM." Lets just say i had to hold back tears i was so proud of how strong and amazing of a woman she is. That night she texted me about her past with volleyball that she started playing late senior year in highschool and wasn't very good. She had dreams to play in college though even though people told her it was too late. Lenna worked all summer that year and played at as many places as she could to learn how to get better. Finally a junior college saw something in her so she played with them and still wasnt very good but kept trying and did her best everyday. Finally she got to play at a 4 year college and made that dream happen. Like i said earlier, today she is nationally ranked. I'm in awe of her on a daily basis and she pushes me in my workouts everyday. To me, she's beyond Prettystrong.


My next story i literally do cry about on a pretty normal basis. I'll call him by his real name but you have to promise to believe i'm not being biased because he is in fact my boyfriend, Christian Lucero. He is the most relentless athlete i've ever met. He has more energy than that weird energizer bunny. Fear is NOT in his vocabulary and being one of his coaches it scares me pretty often fighting for lifts he probably could let go but fights till the death with every attempt and usually comes out with a win.

Christian is a Crossfit regional competitor and probably the most talented Crossfitter i've ever watched. I've never met an athlete in ANY sport put as much heart and soul into every single lift, muscle up, thruster...anything he's given in any workout. Christian will work a full day coaching every single class from open to close barely have time to eat all day and workout from 8-11pm and wake up at 4am and do it all over without complaining. Nothing is going to stop that boy and he pushes me everyday to be half as strong as he is (mentally AND psychically.)  He's only 21 years old and has barely been in the sport a year and he's already close to making the Crossfit Games and that isn't just because of his natural talent.


There are a lot more athletes i work with and meet through coaching and as an athlete that inspire me that way. These two specifically have been pushing me recently even if they aren't next to me during my workout. I watch how bold and tough they are and know that i am capable of it too. If at the end of the day i dont make my dreams come true but i put every ounce of me into trying and worked half as hard as them i would still feel #prettystrong

I hope this inspires all of you as much as it does for me but even if it doesnt find your star! Find what motivates you even if its just saying your prayers at night and dreaming big.


Friday, October 3, 2014

The inner feminist is coming out (nsfw?)

So recently, I shared a video on my private facebook page.

What are your thoughts? For your I, the video is graphic and some may be sensitive to the video. 

I cringed and laughed all while shaking my fist. This video was gross, sad, hilarious (at a certain part) and all true at the same time. 

Were you thinking this was "pornographic," "offensive," or "inappropriate?"

I had a conversation with a male friend of mine who shares my same religious persuasion soon after it was posted. This is how it went:

"not critizing except the part about the naked woman post on facebook"
"What was wrong with that?"
"naked women=pornography
pornography = bad.... its something we're commanded to stay away from in the church"
"That's not really pornography. It's a message about how messed up beauty ideals are in our society and how women feel pressured into looking a certain way."
"so have her wear a full one peice swim suit... or jogging clothes"
"I think that would take away from the message. The intent wasn't to arouse anyone. But, hey, we can all make the choice to watch or not watch."
"sure we can make the why is a friend putting a friend in the position to have to make the choice?"

Instead of avoiding the image, or not watching the video, or unsubscribing from my newsfeed, shouldn't have to make someone else choose, the person who made the video should have covered her up, etc.

Please, if/when you comment, be kind. If we share our ideas, let's remember that not all of us feel the same way; and that's ok. If you have anything negative to say about my friend, please keep that to yourself. He is a kind man. 

Anywho, I am unsure of which direction this will go but, here we go. 

Under the logic that a naked woman (I believe the conversation would be the same if it were a man) is pornographic the following images would be considered as such:

It sure would be hard to learn to be culturally sensitive, get educated, or appreciate are with out seeing some skin at some point

As a person who has seen pornography in the past, been in a relationship where it was encouraged that the man "try before you buy" and having one of my best friends go through a divorce because of a porn addiction, I strongly disagree that the video shared is indeed, pornographic. I am not here to discuss pornography or whether it is right or wrong. Instead, I'd like to talk about some other things.

Without words, the video has managed to show how women feel sometimes that they have to change in order to fit in or feel beautiful. Most of the time it isn't even for ourselves. It's for the people who create and force certain standards on us.

I discussed this with a friend and her response was "So, what he's trying to say is that he can't control his own thoughts?" Yes, I can agree that they way we dress, talk, and act can and does affect others. Ultimately, though, it is up to the individual to be able to control our own thoughts an actions.

We are all beautiful and special creatures. We are made attractive to each other for a reason. Because of this, wonderful things can happen. Because of this, not so wonderful things can happen.

Because people can't control the "madness" or the "improprieties" that would ensue at bare-breasted women, they have to always remain clothed. While men can freely do so themselves. Because some people can't control themselves and choose to view the body of the opposite gender solely as a sexual object instead of what it is: a body; that choice is then taken away from another person.

When we respect our own bodies as well as others, so many fantastic things can happen. Just look around you and see the great things each body is capable of doing! I am amazed every day.

When the body is disrespected and we lose control of our emotions, terrible things can happen:
*I had a friend live with us for a short period of time because her step-father was molesting her.
*I had friends that grew up and their mother would have sex with the father in order to avoid having her children beaten.
*I have had a friend who was raped by someone she knew and trusted.
*I had a friend with special needs who was taken advantage of and was impregnated at least twice, resulting in abortions

Those women all had choices taken away from them and are scarred from the actions of someone else who could not control their mind or their bodies. It was not the women's fault. "Well, she shouldn't have been alone." "She shouldn't have gone home with him." "She should have never married him." "She shouldn't have flirted." "She shouldn't have worn that outfit."

A more basic example is when my car got broken into and my wallet was stolen. My coach at the time said, "You shouldn't have left your wallet in the car." My response? "Me leaving my wallet in the car is no excuse for someone else to break the law and rob me." Same thing applies here.

Here's a link to an interesting article from Women You Should Know  about what is "acceptable" to post on the internet despite trying to post something body-positive.

Another interesting article was this one:  Plus Size Bikini This brought up a valid point about how most of the gawking and teasing about her two piece was from men. Later on, her boyfriend wore her dress (to stay warm) and got even worse reactions. A woman can wear pants but, a man cannot wear a dress? I understand that there was a time when pant-wearing was unacceptable but, why is it that wearing a dress for men has yet to catch up? What is wrong with being or looking like a woman?

Why do our bodies have to be policed so much? Why must we be shamed for them? Why is it that when something goes wrong, it is the woman's fault for "dressing like that?" Instead of changing the way we think about things or the behavior of those who oppress others because of their lack of will-power, we should just"cover up." Guess what? Under all those clothes...there's a naked body. *gasp!

Now, I do have my own set standards of "modesty." They are probably different than yours. Maybe they are more "extreme"or way more "relaxed" than you are accustomed to. I will be very clear in that I choose to dress and act a certain way according to my own reasoning. Yes, they comply with church standards but, I made the choice myself. My parents don't tell me how to dress, my church does not force me to dress a certain way, and I certainly do not dress a certain way in an attempt to please other people."

I will not attempt to persuade another person to compromise their standards and I do not purposely try to offend others when expressing myself or my opinions. We still have a long way to go when trying to be equals with each other. We are on the right track though, I believe that having an open mind, things can change for the better. It is important to be aware of other people's feelings and standards without trying to compromise our own. Let us try to be more educated. Education is so important when making societal leaps and bounds. Let us all take a minute to reflect on ourselves and where we can improve. Are we oppressing ourselves and others? If there is no willingness to change, can there at least be a willingness to understand?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 2014

I need to think of a more creative title than that. Oh well. :/

Anywho... I thought I'd give you guys an update on what's going on this month.

Training:This month brings on a transition with my training. In one of my most recent posts, I talked about wanting to train like I will be competing at the World Championships this year. Plan is still on. We're going to do it at a friend's Crossfit gym and make an exhibition of it. My teammate and I were talking about possibly making a bbq fundraiser out of it for my training. We'll see how that goes. My coach wants me to hit 122 in the snatch and 152 in the clean and jerk. Hopefully, that goes well.

I coached two people in the same session at a local lifting meet and I wasn't a nervous, anxious, monster for the first time. Thumbs up for me.

I am no longer working with OURX management. So, I am now agent-less. I'm on the hunt for a new one. If anyone knows of anyone in the Houston area, or anyone in particular, please give me a heads up.

The head coach of the track program that hired me, resigned. So I am now left wondering what I should do in regards to coaching and making sure I have enough hours of work.

I went on an amazing trip to Martha's Vineyard. Don't worry, I wasn't just there for fun. Well, it was fun but, I had a really great opportunity that I can't explain quite yet. Around the New Year, I'll let you know what's up.

I got hit on at the grocery store yesterday. It wasn't even creepy or weird. Score one for Robles! I think that's pretty much it.


Monday, September 22, 2014

The "Sarah Robles Standard"

Every once in a while, I get to thinking that there's some kind of "Sarah Robles Standard." This is a standard by which I seem to be held and most times, no one else. I spoke with an old coach of mine the other day and asked him about this. The answer was phrased like this: "People with exceedingly great talent have exceedingly great standards placed on them." I can remember a few instances where I felt I was treated differently from everyone else. Like my standard was higher. Once I was late for practice and I was supposed to run stadiums as a punishment and other athletes that have been late to practice...nothing. Once, I was out of clean clothes and it was cold outside so I opted to wear pajama pants. I figured that was my best option at the time. Well, I was told, "Don't you ever wear those again. If you do, you're not allowed in the gym for two weeks." Or after I'm done training, I'd switch into my flip flops, "Sarah, you're setting a bad example for the kids." From my end, I saw and sometimes see these types of things as unfair. I can remember not being able to negotiate having one Saturday off a month or go home for different things. Another athlete might randomly take a ski trip or go to Disneyland without so much as a phone call to tell our coach otherwise. Those are just a few examples. One of my counter-arguments would be, "If you treated everyone else the same way you did me, imagine how good of lifters they would be." I understand that not all lifters have the same goals, or abilities that I other other elite athletes have but, when you have some kind of goal and you are committing to something, why not give it your 100%? What ever that may be. I'm not even sure if some athlete could handle the expectations on them that are had on me. "How many people can talk about going to the Olympics or breaking the American Records as nonchalant as you?" This is true. It was explained to me, that why beat someone up over messing up when they are barely going to make it to Competition X or have no realistic chance of breaking records? When someone has a lot of talent or potential, it is the coach's responsibility (as is the athlete's) to make sure that comes into fruition. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to be explained but, I am a pretty goofy person. I am also pretty talkative and social. As weightlifting is my main social outlet, it is definitely difficult for me at times to reign all that in. If I didn't have those standards and expectations, I would probably get too off task in training. I realize too, that as an adult, and as an Olympian, it is my responsibility to set an example to younger kids on beginners on how to properly behave and do the right things to make my self a success. I have never been one to party or drink or get into trouble much. There are times I can get rebellious or ornery. That mostly comes from feeling bossed around. Am I 100% perfect when it comes to discipline, timeliness, or other necessary traits? No. That's why I need a coach. That's why I need standards and expectations. Is it "fair" all the time? No. It is true, though what has been explained to me. People with big goals and have big talents, big standards will be placed on them. People will remember what you say and do. The energy of those around you will reflect your own. People have expectations on you both when you compete and when you are "off the clock." We may not like it and it may or may not be "fair" but, it's part of the game. It's something you learn along the way. If it were explained ahead of time, it would deter people from going for it or we wouldn't be able to comprehend it anyway. I still stand by my counter-argument. If you held yourself to the "Sarah Robles Standard" when doing things, I'm sure you'd get good results. A little discipline, sacrifice, and high expectations never hurt anyone. Lift lots, Sarah

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blame it on the alcohol - by Jess

Pretty strong, You ever notice in middle school and high school it's the end of the world if you're a little different than your peers but when you get to college and beyond it's all you can do to make sure you different and stand out? Growing up my parents were super strict. Super strict. I had Olympic dreams and my parents had them with me. However, I wanted nothing more but to fit in. I had big muscular legs I wasn't a cheerleader and I was always missing school to travel for competitions. Even if my peers thought what I was doing was awesome and they were supportive or even if they weren't (and trust me there were both) all I thought I wanted was to do what they were doing. They drank and hungout on weekends and my parents would never let me go with them. At the time I was so angry and thought they were controlling, and over protective and just mean. Now? I'm grateful. Regardless of what my friends in high school did on weekends or how their lives turned out, I was on a different path. As a young (trying to be) adult I never thought about the long run. I knew to be an Olympian I'd need to do everything it takes in the gym, to work harder than anyone else, to go above and beyond the rest. What I didn't know is what alcohol would do to my body, how it would effect my recovery or my brain. I didn't know how slow I'd move trying to lift the barbell the next day. I didn't know drinking would heighten my chances of injury. I didn't know staying up all night partying would make me too fatigued to push hard the way I could have if I would have rested. I rebelled from my parents and it took some trial and error to figure it out on my own but I did learn. I learned what priorities really mattered to me. My goals were more important to me than making sure I fit in. I learned that my parents weren't trying to be fun suckers they were trying to do their best to help make my dreams come true and they're intentions were pure. I'm grateful they believed in me so early in my career and stood their ground. Even though we fought about it plenty back then now I see why. Dreams don't fall into your lap and even when they do you have to work to keep them. Making dreams happen takes more then going through the motions, It's a lifestyle choice. I promise there's someone out there that wants it just as bad that works just as hard and makes all the right decisions. So it's your choice are you gonna let them take your Gold medal or are you gonna do everything necessary to keep it? Fearlessly, Jess

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Poor Athlete Recipe: Chicken Basil Pasta

That's as good a name as I could come up with. This recipe is one of my recent favorites because it is: cheap, fast/easy to cook, and delicious!

Fresh Basil $1.88
Whole Rotisserie Chicken $6.99
3 Roma Tomatoes A little over $1/lbs
Olive Oil Free - it's my roommates
Box of Pasta Free - my friend gave it to me before she moved. 
Crumbled Feta Cheese $2.99
2 large garlic cloves  (I think a head of garlic is a little over $1 as well)

Boil and drain pasta
Pick of chicken breasts and shred. Add to the pasta
Mince cloves of garlic
In a pan, heat up a copious amount of olive oil (enough to help cook the other ingredients as well as coat all the pasta)
Add minced garlic and sautee
Add chopped basil saute briefly 
Crush all three tomatoes and add to pan (this is the funnest part)
Keep cooking until it reduces a bit.
Add a little salt and pepper
Stir into pasta/chicken
Add feta cheese and stir

Eat and enjoy!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stuff- September 2014

Oh hey there!

Nice to see you again! Thanks for visiting my blog of doom.

What's been going on with little old, Sarah Robles?

So... I moved to a little town called, Alvin. Raise your hand if you've heard of it! I'm living with a friend from church. Her name is Tegan. Tegan and Sarah! For real. She is hilarious, a perfect friend-match for me, and she loves horses. She's a very talented person. We coined the hashtag #bitsandbarbells and everyday is a new and humorous moment with us.

Training has been going pretty alright. I think I can safely say that I'm in shape right now. Since training here, I have hit a 115 snatch a 145 clean and jerk a 195 front squat and a 210 back squat. They are not my bests but, I am working on some things. I had a pr snatch double with 110 and it looked like I could have done a triple, I had a snatch pr from the hip of 100 and a clean pr from the hip of 130. I have been hitting 105 and 135 in snatch and clean and jerk respectively at least twice a week. I have been trying to lit as exhibition in local competitions but, either there is "not enough room" or I don't hear a response to my request. I'll just keep plugging away though. I have discussed with my coach that I would like to train like I am going to compete at the World Championships. So, I will train and prepare and in roughly 10 weeks, we'll see what I am made of. If I don't do well, hey, it's practice. Rather here than actually at the meet, right? Competition simulation is always hard to do at home but, we'll see if I'm mentally and physically prepped.

Work is going well, at the Depot, I got 3 of my shifts changed to later times. I get an additional two hours of sleep at night which is making all the difference in the world! I have also accepted a coaching position at Yes! Youth Fitness and Sports Performance. Here, I am involved with the Olympic Development program as a throwing coach and strength and conditioning coach. Business for me is slow right now but, hopefully as things progress, I will gain more clients. I am excited for this opportunity and I am looking forward to developing some kids into talented athletes and educating myself in the process.

Lastly, I'd like to talk about food. Because it is delicious, and I like it, and eating it is part of my job. So, I was looking for ways to get sponsorships (which I still struggle with...understandably so...) and I stumbled upon these box-a-month kind of deals. I didn't ask for a sponsorship...yet. Right now, I am going to go ahead and give Love With Food a try. It's a box full of random and delicious healthy and organic snacks for $20/month. We'll see how delicious it is and if it's worth it. The best part for me is that with the purchase of a box (depending on the size) you help provide one-two meals to a hungry kid in the US. LOVE that idea. I feed myself and two other people for $20. Great cause! Anyone else have experience with them? Are they pretty legit?

Hope all is well!

Stay strong,


Monday, August 18, 2014

Q and A week one by jess

Hey my beautiful pretty strong people :)

I actually got a lot of questions for this month so I'm adding a few questions in each blog so I can get to everyone's! Thanks for taking the time to do my Q & A.

#1 I recently did a photoshoot for @skins_usa and the question this week is "you look fab how do you stay in such great shape" 

 #2 was "what's your diet look like"

First of all thank you for the kind words!

Both questions can be answered with two sentences- being the best I can be is a lifestyle choice. I eat to perform, and I train to perform.

I don't have a very strict diet I don't measure anything or write it in a meal book or send pictures of my meals to Greg Everett (anymore). At one point in my career I didn't have a good hold on staying and training at a good body weight for my weight class. I've learned a lot since then. That struggle was hard and greatly impacted my mood and my performance at practices and competitions. Now I just think about everything I put in my body and how it'll make my body recover and feel the next day at training.

I don't have cheat days because Like I said it's a lifestyle choice. I don't like cheating life!  On special occasions I'll eat things or if I'm eating out and there isn't a healthier option but I try to stay as clean as possible, all the time.

Everyone's body is different and I don't think everyone needs to make the same choices I do with my diet. However, This works for me and I feel great! My joints feel better I am in a better overall mood and my recovery is pretty quick when I eat clean. I used to consider it a sacrifice and it was the hardest part to being an elite athlete for me. Now I've matured some and realized I'll do whatever I can do be the best I can be and diet is a huge part of it. You are what you put into your body. I don't wanna be a greasy, artificial lifter!

List of things I stay away from- gluten, dairy, sugar, food with add hormones and McDonald's human meat burgers.
Don't get me wrong I love bread and cheese and candy (not really mcdonalds tho I read that article that just came out and seriously? Barf) but I also want to be the best and love winning and know I have to do everything it takes to be the best that I possibly can.

Now on to Training!! Training is my favorite thing to do in the entire world. I love every bit of it. Yes I come in tired and don't want to some days. Yes I come in hurting and ache and it takes me like 30 minutes to warm up or more. Yes i cry a lot if I have a bad day. I still have a hard time staying away from it. I've recently changed my training up a lot. I've tried a lot of different programs and I liked them all for different reasons. Catalyst made me the strongest I've ever been, Zygmunt Smalcerz made me the most confident and consistent I'd ever been and Andy Tysz' made me mentally push everyday. I've decided to do my own thing now and my boyfriend and I work together to try to combine them all. Yes, I do some Crossfit (thats related to my sport) for my mental push, gymnastics to strengthen core and stability overhead and normal strength, and Olympic lifts. I'm a high maintenance athlete when it comes to programming I have a hard time trusting and letting go of control and so this is a good fit for me even though my past programs were also so amazing. I'm exited to see it all come together in November at a competition in Costa Mesa, California as a prep for American Open in December.

So that's my program design. How my days usually go is I coach in the morning train from 1-4 and coach again in the evening. I've tried two a days, three a days and just long practices. The long ones are draining but I have a full time job so I do what I have to do. I get in don't complain and put in the work everyday usually reminding myself no matter how hard "this is what's gonna make me better" and suck i up. Train like you compete.

Thanks for the questions! If there's anymore questions again send them to my email or Facebook message me find me at Jessica Marie Salvaggio*